Talking to Your Parents about Their Future.

It’s a big step: Making the decision to leave a house and move to a community. Often, parents avoid the discussion because they don’t want to talk about the possibility of future health problems, or they just can’t face the idea of selling the house. But those feelings are often based on lack of information, including all the options they have and what community living is really like.

These ideas can help start a productive conversation—and the time to have it is now, while your parents are healthy and can look forward to everything we have to offer. But you don’t have to have that discussion alone. Talk with us. Bring us your questions. We’ll offer guidance with no sales pressure.

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My parents are worried about the cost.

People often think that staying in their house will save money. Compare their current expenses to the cost of living at Longwood. When you add up home maintenance and repairs, property taxes, insurance, food, utilities and other household expenditures, living at Longwood can be surprisingly affordable—minus the chores and responsibilities.

They’re concerned about preserving their assets.

Reassure them that Longwood offers asset protection. Depending upon the financial option they choose, up to 90% of their entrance fee is refundable to their estate.

They’re unsure about future health care needs.

Parents often wait too long before taking a serious look at their plans for health care—just in case. When one or both parents face a health crisis, they suddenly have fewer options. They can be forced to pay the enormous cost of long-term care. The burden of care also falls on you—and parents don’t want that to happen.

Longwood offers a sensible alternative. We offer two financial options that allow you to choose the one that’s best suited to you—LifeCare and SelectCare.

  • LifeCare offers guaranteed health care for life, at costs that don’t change dramatically even if your needs do. Your parents can receive personal care, memory care and skilled nursing right in their community.
  • SelectCare is a fee-for-service option that offers access to our full continuum of top-quality health care services that you’ll only pay for if and when the need for them arises, at prevailing market rates.

If your parents are daunted by the idea of selling their home, downsizing and moving, look into Longwood’s comprehensive Home Sales Solutions Program. This program has answers to all the tough questions—financial, organizational, real estate, downsizing and moving. We’ve got a professional team—and the financial programs—lined up and in place to help with all the aspects of moving into Longwood:

  • Financial Assistance Advisor
  • Home Staging Services
  • Home Downsizing Experts
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Moving Coordinators
  • Handyman Services
  • Moving Companies
  • Interior Decorators
  • Many of the services we provide are complimentary. Those services that require a fee offer substantial price reduction.

Call us at 1-877-842-0879 to find out more about Homes Sales Solutions.

They say they’re just not ready yet.

Most Longwood residents will tell them, “I wish I’d come here five years ago.” The time to make a move to maintenance-free living is while they are healthy, active and able to enjoy community life. If they wait until a health problem forces their decision, they have fewer choices and less time to make them.

They can start by dipping a toe into a better way of life. They can be our guests for an overnight mini-vacation. They’ll enjoy our fine cuisine, take part in fascinating activities, unwind in our Fitness Center and above all, meet our residents, who will be happy to talk about the reasons they made Longwood their choice.

Find out about a guest visit.

To learn more about our our services, please contact us online or call us at 1-877-842-0879.

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