The plan for long-term security: LifeCare

Key criteria for evaluating Pittsburgh’s continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).

Retirement can be a time of wonderful personal freedom—especially freedom from worry about health care. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) provide that security, with a range of services available, from personal care to skilled nursing and sometimes memory care. CCRCs do have major differences, and Longwood at Oakmont offers one of the most significant: LifeCare. Some Pittsburgh CCRCs provide pay-as-you-go services at prevailing health care rates—rates affected by the rising cost of care. Longwood at Oakmont offers two options: LifeCare and SelectCare. With both options, you join the community as an Independent Living resident and then have priority access to all our services, if needed: personal care, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation.

With LifeCare, you pay an upfront entrance fee for your residence, which is 90% refundable to your estate—a substantial way to preserve your assets. After that, you pay monthly maintenance fees, covering ongoing services. With LifeCare, those monthly fees include unlimited use of our health care services. What’s more, they remain stable and predictable—especially compared to paying the ever-rising cost of long-term care. More than 2,500 CCRCs offer LifeCare, serving more than 600,000 residents throughout the U.S. It’s the sensible alternative to long-term care insurance: providing you with a wonderful independent lifestyle, giving you substantial estate protection and shielding you from the draining cost of pay-as-you-go care.

SelectCare is a fee-for-service option for healthy individuals who desire the security of a plan with greater financial flexibility. SelectCare offers access to our full continuum of top-quality health care services that are only paid for if and when the need for them arises, at prevailing market rates. As a fee-for-service option, SelectCare also offers lower entrance fees and lower monthly maintenance fees.

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