No airplanes?

We live in amazing times. Despite the delays, discomforts, and downright inconveniences of air travel this year, would any of us want to go back to the days before airplanes? We remember a story by one of the residents who lived in a LifePlan Community much like Longwood at Oakmont. Helen was over 100 years old when she told me this; but she was still a force of nature. She was the first one into the pool every day, loved her stationary bike, (and her gin); and she could hold her own in bridge, at dinner, and in any circle of conversation. One day when she was just a little girl, she shared, her parents took her to join hundreds of neighbors on the banks of the Hudson River and she witnessed the Wright brothers as they were flying their airplane up from New York City to Albany. The plane couldn’t fly high enough to clear the railroad bridge, so she watched it fly under the bridge, just above the water. The Wright brothers were raising money and awareness of their newfangled flying machine by attempting these crowd-pleasing exhibitions. As the story goes, they did not make it the entire 135 miles to Albany that day. The trip required several stops and took 3 days.

Wow, have things changed. Nowadays, if we have the patience, we can be in Los Angeles, Paris, Hawaii, or Peoria in a few hours. Yes, there is much to complain about these days, but we live in amazing times. Your everyday reality is already way beyond the imagination of your relatives who lived only a few generations ago. Wonders abound!

In a way, living at Longwood at Oakmont is like taking a journey. People from all kinds of backgrounds and places share a common experience for their own personal reasons. If you’d like to hear compelling stories about some of those reasons, take a look at the video on this page and you’ll meet some of our Longwood residents. Each was invited to board our plane, they are happy passengers, and they all would welcome you to come along too.

Each day at Longwood is filled with the colors, circumstances, hopes, fears, dramas, and joys that make life rich. These amazing times are meant to be shared. If you would like to hear more, or see what’s new for yourself, then please give us a call or schedule a visit using the form below. Come fly with us and know joy in the journey!

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