Wellness is our way of life.

You’d expect Pittsburgh’s premier LifeCare community to make wellness its showcase.

LifeCare isn’t just about freedom from worry about long-term care. It’s about creating a wellness culture that helps Pittsburgh residents enjoy all the excitement life has to offer. We also offer SelectCare for people who are healthy and prefer to pay for heath care services as the need for them arises, at prevailing market rates. When a health care event happens, you’ll have the confidence and security of knowing care will be there. At Longwood at Oakmont, we’ve designed our health and wellness program to optimize every resident’s ability to live life to the fullest, with wonderful choices for healthier living, from dining to activities.

Longwood at Oakmont helps make life easier with financial choices that meet your personal needs.

  • LifeCare offers guaranteed health care for life, at costs that don’t change dramatically even if your needs do.
  • SelectCare is a fee-for-service option that offers access to our full continuum of top-quality health care services that you’ll only pay for if and when the need for them arises, at prevailing market rates.

Longwood’s wellness coordinator will work with you to help you achieve a fully balanced life, creating a program specific to your goals for physical, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being. Our objective is to help you make Longwood your home for a long and rewarding life.

For more information regarding our wellness programs, call 1-877-842-0879 or click here to contact us online.

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