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The History and Life of Our Senior Apartments at Longwood at Oakmont in Oakmont, PA

Longwood at Oakmont started over 25 years ago in Oakmont, PA as development firm The Longwood Group and requested sponsorship from Presbyterian SeniorCare, with original plans to build a senior living community with 151 senior apartments. Our community has grown and evolved quite a bit since those days.

From early on, Longwood at Oakmont was a resident-centered community, with the first provisional Resident Council meeting being held in June of 1992 when only 70% of Phase I of the initial construction being completed. The By-laws for the Council were adopted a year later at the first Annual Meeting of the Longwood at Oakmont Residents Association on June 7, 1993. The Association held such an important role in those days that events, activities and committees formed then are still in place today.

The resident-centered culture of Longwood has continued to be an important piece of our way of life, and the community has grown and expanded based on what residents need. As seniors started looking for larger apartments with more amenities, the community continues to grow. Longwood at Oakmont is changings as the needs of seniors change, ensuring that seniors are aging successfully. Our community has grown to include all levels of care with the latest in health care available to our residents. Through our partnership with MasterPiece Living ®, we have created a culture of Successful Living by offering various opportunities to grow their spiritual, physical, and mental health.  And we have no plans on slowing down. We are grateful for this opportunity to help others through our non-profit status, and are looking forward to many more years watching our residents pave the way. 

Our History, by the Numbers:

  • June 19, 1992 – the first “provisional” Resident Council Meeting was held
  • June 7, 1993 – The first Annual Meeting of the Longwood at Oakmont Residents Association was held, and the official By-laws were adopted
  • 1992-1993 – Phase 1 of the construction was completed, with 20 Country Homes, the Commons building, the Garden apartments, the Health Care Center and the Overlook building
  • March 1993 – The Three Gables Gift Shop Opens
  • End of 1996 – Longwood becomes the first CCRC in Pennsylvania (3rd in the nation) to earn CARF accreditation. Longwood has earned this accreditation three more times since, most recently in 2016.
  • 1998 – The Parkview building is added to house the Personal Care (Assisted Living) neighborhood
  • 1999 – The Woodlands building is opened
  • 2009 – The new Hanna HealthCare Center (named for Longwood resident and board member, Dr. Dwight “Pete” Hanna) is opened to house Memory Care residents, and the Brookwood Personal care building is opened shortly after
  • 2010 - The Grandview building is opened to accommodate the seniors looking for larger apartments with more amenities, and the StoneRidge dining room is opened to quickly become a favorite place to meet for informal evening dinners
  • 2011 – The old Clubhouse is transformed into a state-of-the-art Wellness Center complete with pool, exercise and meeting rooms, and art gallery space
  • 2018- The opening of the MarketPlace Grille and a refresh of the Commons Lobby and Dining Room

And this is just the beginning. What will the future hold for our community? Check back often to find out!

To learn more about our services, please contact us online or call us at 1-877-842-0879.

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