Care Management Services

At Longwood at Oakmont, we are unique in offering services that support our residents in Independent Living to stay healthy and age successfully. In addition to programs that encourage successful living, we also have Care Managers who get to know you and can connect you to services that reinforce healthy living.  From providing recommendations for wellness opportunities to education about care options based on your needs, our Care Managers coordinate services that help residents maintain their ability to live independently in their Longwood home for as long as possible.   


    While in your Longwood home or apartment, you have several options if you need assistance:

    • Dial 0: Connects you to the front desk. The receptionist or security will call the nurse on duty to respond to your call and/or dial 911 if the situation requires.
    • Pull your pull cord: All homes/apartments are equipped with a pull cord which will alert the front desk/security who will respond.
    • In an emergency: You may dial 911 yourself. Please be aware that you must provide an exact address. Please also notify the front desk (dial 0) of the call you placed.

To learn more about our our services, please contact us online or call us at 1-877-842-0879.

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