Better Choices for Living a Healthy Life in Oakmont, PA

Life Can Be Challenging. Planning for Your Future Shouldn’t Be.

Whether you call us a Life Plan Community or a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Longwood at Oakmont in Oakmont, PA is unique in our commitment to senior health care and successful living. Not only do our residents have the opportunity to engage in programs that stimulate their mind, body and soul, but they also know that we’re here for them should they need a higher level of care. Long-term care plans for the future become a lot easier when you know you can access our on-site healthcare residences if the need arises. With financial options available that align with your personal life plan goals, you choose what suits you best. It is that easy.

At Longwood at Oakmont, you decide how you want to pay to access higher levels of care available at our healthcare residences. If you want to pay a monthly fee that is predictable and stable even when you may need to access a higher level of care in the future, our LifeCare plan may be for you. Or if you feel you want to pay for those higher care level services at the going rate and only as you need them, our SelectCare plan may be a better option. SelectCare and LifeCare are just two of the financial plan options that help Longwood residents fulfill their goals for the future.

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