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Read Through our Resident Testimonials to See Why We are an Unrivaled Active Adult Community in Oakmont, PA

The best way to truly see why Longwood at Oakmont is an unrivaled active adult community in Oakmont, PA is to hear it from the people who live here. Read through the testimonials below, then schedule a visit or attend an event to get even more of an inside scoop directly from your future neighbors and friends.

The biggest misconception about moving to Longwood is that our lives are over and we have to live ONLY in our new home. Actually, we have our lives exactly as before—except that we have more time to have fun in life. WE HAVE A WHOLE STAFF OF PEOPLE READY AND WILLING TO DO THINGS FOR US. So we have more time to do things with our friends. We exercise more. We eat better and healthier meals. We continue to stimulate our brains by attending lectures on everything that interests us: art, music, world affairs, the environment, politics, etc. We have more friends to do things with. We live in a manicured and well-maintained area. And we have security.

New Residents

I moved in and it was so easy—everything was arranged by the Longwood Move-In Coordinator.

This has been and continues to be a great experience—wonderful residents and staff! So many things to do—to name a few, music, social events, educational programs, great exercise programs, etc. I also served on several committees and this keeps me involved—I can sincerely say that I love being here at Longwood!!!

Mary Groggel

We’re looking forward to this new adventure, and everything we hear, from people already at Longwood and folks planning to come as we are, is just top drawer.

The Grimstads

I was introduced to the good living at Longwood at Oakmont through visitations with my sisters, who were residents. I was the financial caregiver for my older sister, who was experiencing Alzheimer’s. I was able to witness, first-hand, the respectful relationship between the residents and the staff. As well as the compassionate care given to those unable to care for themselves. When it came time to select a place for me to live out my life, the decision was easily made. I have not been sorry.

Dick S.

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